Hey G! is being built in public, click here to see the status.

Supercharge your Tweet creation with ChatGPT.

Hey G! combines your content, ChatGPT, and popular Tweet templates together to give you a content creation jump-start.

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Early March Development Update

How It Works

Combine your content and GPT prompts to generate rough draft Tweets on demand.

Prompts are combined with your writing to generate Tweet starting points. Prompts can be created, modified, deleted, and have a status of active or inactive for future Tweet generation.

What's the status?

Hey there, I'm Bryan Fillmer.

I decided to build Hey G! in public, which means giving everyone a high level of visiblity into the process.

This roadmap outlines key features to get to what I consider MVP, and some ideas of where I want to go from there.

If you are interested in keeping up with development, and being an early beta tester, scroll up a bit and put yourself on the mailing list!

Have some suggestions or feedback? Hit me up on Twitter.

Current Roadmap

  • Basic API functionality.

    All the internal wiring to connect to OpenAI's API.

  • Initial UI mockups.

    Translating my notebook scribbles into something a bit higher fidelity to feature on the website.

  • Content and Template data storage and functionality.

    Arguably the meat of the application. Expanding on the prototype and getting everything organized.

  • Basic account management.

    The boring stuff, like authentication and billing.

  • Fancy logo.

    Probably a good idea.

  • Initial launch.

    Already nervous for it.

  • Ability to regenerate content per template.

    At launch all templates will be generated, or regenerated, at once.

  • GPT-3 temperature adjustment.

  • Export options.

    Markdown for sure, both for your initial content and Tweets.

  • Integrations and expand content scope.

    Twitter isn't the only use case, and having content flow to and from other systems could be powerful!